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Intraoral Scanner FC-100

Laboratory Equipment

Intraoral Scanner FC-100

Intraoral Scanner FC-100

Fast Speed: Full Arch Impression(Only 60s)

Scanning accuracy: 15μm for single crown and 30μm for full arch

Lightweight:Streamlined design, net weight only 225g

One-Button Control

You can control your scanner to Start/Pause the scanning and move to 

the next step all by this button.

Universal Type-c DataCable

The connection cable adopts a dual head universal type-c data cable,

which is convenient for after-sales replacement.

Powerful Circuit Cooling System

Unique cooling circuit system design, integrated handle without heat 

dissipation hole, no noise operation, good patient experience, no ash, longer service life

Metal Scanning

Metal reflective strong, and more noise.

The effctive reconstruction area is small and the splicing is difficult .

Above problems, the key optimization is carried out.

tsy voafaritra




Technical Specifications
Product NameBloomden Intraoral Scanner FC-100
Hafainganana ny hafainganam-pandeha15 fps
Scanning Accuracy15μm for single crown and 30μm for full arch
Format famoahanaSTL、PLY
Operating Temperature10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Scan TechnologyContinuous Scanning
Herin'aratraDC12V 2A
Data Cable of Scanner(connection between base and handpiece)1.9m
USB Data Cable(base and computer connection)1.2m
Weight235 h
Size200mm (L) * 58mm (W) * 36mm (H)
Recommended PC Configuration

We cannot guarantee the work of the Bloomden intraoral scanner FC-100 and the pirated Microsoft Windows. So please use the legitimate version of Microsoft Windows 10.

OSMicrosoft Windows 10 64 pro edition or above
Unité centraleIntel i7-8700 or above(Laptop i7-8750H or above)
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 1660GT or above graphics card, more than 6G
Memory16G na ambony
Hard Disk256G solid state hard disk or 128G solid state hard disk + 1T, mechanical hard disk
SystemWindows 10 professional/enterprise edition
USB PortUSB 3.0

Nampiasa teknolojia sinterina haingana zirconia aho nandritra ny volana maromaro izao, ary faly aho tamin'ny vokatra. Ny dingan'ny sintering haingana dia nampihena be ny fotoana ilaina amin'ny famokarana famerenana amin'ny laoniny zirconia avo lenta, mamela ahy hanao asa bebe kokoa sy hampitombo ny vokatra. Ny tanjaka sy ny estetika amin'ny famerenana amin'ny laoniny dia tsara, raha tsy tsara kokoa, noho ny fomba sintering nentim-paharazana, ary ny marary dia tena afa-po tamin'ny vokatra. Ankasitrahako ny fampihenana ny fanjifana angovo, izay mahatonga ny dingana ho mora kokoa amin'ny tontolo iainana.

Amin'ny ankapobeny, ny teknolojia sintering haingana zirconia dia nanova lalao ho an'ny laboratoara, ary tena manoro hevitra azy aho amin'ny teknisianina nify mitady hanatsara ny fizotran'ny asa sy ny kalitaon'ny vokatra.

Dr.Nathan Graves
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